Sustainability of cosmetic products with safety as a premise

The Personal Care Products Council (PCPC), an association that encompasses 90% of the cosmetic industry in the United States, has published its first sustainability report few months ago. According to the materiality assessment included on the document, the most important issue for cosmetic companies is to guarante the safety of the products they commercialize. However, other sustainability issues such as transparency in formulations and in the supply chain, climate change or packaging and its recyclability are also underlined as important.

With safety as a premise, interest in sustainable cosmetic products has increased over the last few years, mainly among European consumers. Users are increasingly aware of the potential social and / or environmental impacts associated with certain ingredients, the impact of non-recyclable packaging, or the impacts associated with microplastics in the oceans. This interest has led to the appearance of multiple claims related to sustainability, which according to European regulations must always be verifiable.

In Sigillum Knowledge Solutions we help the cosmetic sector to guarantee the safety and sustainability of its products. On the one hand, thanks to our extensive experience in advising on the health and safety restrictions of cosmetic products in different marketing markets. And, on the other hand, with the development of evaluation strategies and improvement of the sustainability of these products.