Regulatory Framework for Grants for the Hiring of Internationalization Managers for the Years 2023, 2024, and 2025

Executive Summary

This internationalization plan outlines the measures to be taken by Sigillum Knowledge Solutions S.L. as part of its internationalization strategy.

Internationalization, along with the digitization of services, is one of the key areas of growth for the company in the coming years.

The common regulatory framework across the European Union for consumer products and the lack of need for physical presence in service provision greatly facilitate the task of internationalization, as there are no physical barriers to entry into other markets.

Since its inception, the company has shown positive numbers and is sufficiently capitalized to undertake the necessary investment for internationalization. Additionally, there are various avenues of public financing available to reduce the investment with own resources.

Following the study conducted on potential new markets, it was decided to simultaneously target France, Germany, and South Korea, albeit with different strategies for each, taking into account the idiosyncrasies of each market. The choice of France and Germany is motivated by the presence of a significant number of potential clients, while the selection of South Korea is due to the increasing number of exports from that country to Europe.

Hiring in-house sales staff, utilizing sales agents on commission, leveraging the commercial agendas of ICEX, and enhancing digital marketing are some of the measures that will be adopted to achieve the internationalization objective.



Internationalization Manager Hiring: (IG166)

As support for the internationalization process of the company, SIGILLUM KNOWLEDGE SOLUTIONS S.L. has been granted assistance by Igape for the hiring of a manager, under the Igape aid program for the hiring of internationalization managers for the years 2023, 2024, and 2025.

These aids aim to facilitate the acquisition of professional skills in internationalization and the incorporation or reintegration into the labor market while supporting Galician SMEs in their internationalization process. The desired outcome is for professionals to remain employed after their participation in the program, either in the same company or in others, thanks to the practical experience gained.