California starts the way for “toxic” chemicals banning in cosmetic products

The legislation that regulates cosmetic and personal care products in the US only includes the prohibition of 11 substances and control over cosmetic dyes, while European legislation controls more than 1,300 substances. This lack of regulatory control at the federal level has been revealed by consumer associations in several states, including the state of California, who demand greater security when buying these types of products.

In this line, on March 18th, a proposal to amend California’s cosmetic products legislation, the AB 495 Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act, was published to prohibit a series of substances considered carcinogenic, toxic for reproduction or endocrine disruptors. Among the banned substances there are 17 different types of substances, including asbestos, lead, formaldehyde and preservatives releasing formaldehyde, mercury and some phthalates.

When this proposal is approved, the marketing in California of cosmetics containing any of the aforementioned substances will be prohibited. California will thus become the first US state with this type of regulation, opening the door to possible federal regulation in the future, in line with the growing consumer demand for a more controlled and safe cosmetics.