Circularity, traceability and transparency in the textile industry. Sigillum Knowledge Solutions participated in the Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference.

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Between April 27 and 29, the first virtual edition of the Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference was held, an international meeting in which sustainability experts gathered from some of the main fashion groups such as H&M, Zalando, Patagonia or VF Corporation, as well as some of the main raw material manufacturers such as Lenzing Group, Dupont Biomaterials or Estman Naia.

During the different sessions, the main challenges facing the textile industry in its objective of achieving a more sustainable industry were discussed:

  • Emissions and environmental impacts
  • Traceability in the supply chain
  • Improvement of the social rights of workers.

Circular economy, transparency, use of new technologies as well as the involvement and collaboration among all members of the value chain, were widely discussed and considered as the best ways to face both the future challenges of the industry and the consumer demands. In this sense, it was highlighted that consumers no longer demand only the best possible price, but also that the garments they buy have been produced in a responsible manner.

The Director of Business Development of Sigillum Knowledge Solutions, Sebastián Cabo, and the Head of the Sustainability Area, Carlos González, actively participated in the networking sessions, contributing our vision on how to build differentiating sustainability strategies in the fashion sector.