Common sources of non-compliance with
product health parameters in fashion items

Knowing the causes helps to take preventive measures. There are a number of chemical substances whose presence is regulated in fashion items (textiles, footwear and accessories). Having scientific and technical information on the most common origins of regulated substances allows establishing preventive measures in the supply chain and more effective product health control strategies.

  • Professionals from different departments of the fashion industry, especially related to health and safety, corporate social responsibility, quality, shopping, etc
  • Retail companies or suppliers in the fashion sector interested in knowing the origins of non-compliance with product health parameters in order to prevent them
  1. Regulated substances: What makes a substance susceptible to being classified as dangerous and how is its presence in consumer articles regulated?
  2. Origin of the main families of regulated substances in fashion articles. It includes the following aspects:
  3. Textile manufacturing process and regulated substances. Introduction to the textile manufacturing process and the origins of raw materials.
    • Structure and properties of substances
    • Main markets where they are regulated (indicative)
    • Possible origins in the textile manufacturing process


Duration: 3 hours

Place: the course can be held at our facilities in Santiago de Compostela, or in house at interested companies.

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