How to make the textile and fashion industry sustainable?

Sustainability is already an obligation in the fashion industry. To make decisions and position yourself as a company in this field, it is necessary to know, from a scientific-technical perspective, the main impacts associated with the textile manufacturing process.

Only from this objective knowledge can differentiating corporate strategies be designed that provide competitive and market advantages.

  • Professionals from different departments of the fashion industry: sustainability, corporate social responsibility, quality, health and safety, sourcing, design, etc.
  • Retail companies or suppliers in the fashion sector interested in learning about the bases of sustainability in their sector
  1. General introduction to sustainability: The concept of fashion sustainability in a global context
  2. Raw materials: Analysis of the impact of the raw materials used in fashion items on sustainability
  3. Textile Manufacturing Process: How Textile Manufacturing Processes Affect the Environment
  4. Sustainable design: Study of the influence that the product design stage has on sustainability
  5. Approaches to the sustainability of fashion brands / retailers: Analysis of current trends for the commercialization of more sustainable articles
  6. Position of interest groups (EU Ecolabel, NGOs, etc.): Debate on the impact of sustainability on the reputation of fashion companies


Duration: 4 hours

Place: the course can be held at our facilities in Santiago de Compostela, or in house at interested companies

More information: For any questions, contact