• AEMPS, publication of the results of the market control campaign on sunscreen products (link1, link2)
  • AEMPS, information note for back to school without head lice. (link)
  • Publication of ISO23750:2021. Answers to questions on ingredients and products for the application of the ISO 16128 standard for natural cosmetic products.  https://www.iso.org/standard/76832.html
  • Publication of the 18ATP Draft of the CLP Regulation 1272/2009. (Link) The following cosmetic ingredient classifications are included as main points.  CMR 1 for Benzophenone, CMR 1B Theophylline, CMR1B pentetic acid, Pentasoidum pentetate, CMR 2 Azadirachita Extracts, CMR 2 for Trimethylpropane Triacrylate.When officially published we will indicate this and implementation dates..

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