Regulation of health and safety parameters of
fashion products in the main world markets

The health and safety of fashion items are strictly regulated in most world markets. Knowing the regulations in the different markets, their scope and the regulated parameters is essential to protect the value and corporate reputation of brands and retailers, and to guarantee the safety of consumers.

  • Professionals from different departments of the fashion industry, especially related to health and safety, corporate social responsibility, quality, shopping, etc.
  • Retail companies or suppliers in the fashion sector interested in learning about the regulatory framework related to the health and safety of textiles, footwear and accessories
  1. Introduction to the regulation of fashion articles (textiles, footwear and accessories) in the most relevant markets
  2. Health parameters. Regulated substances in fashion articles in the main markets
  3.  Safety parameters. Regulatory safety requirements for fashion items for children and adults in the main markets
  4. Case studies
  5. Market surveillance. Analysis of product recall systems in the main markets and the impact of non-compliance with restrictions related to product health and safety parameters on the reputation of a textile company


Duration: 3 hours

Place: the course can be held at our facilities in Santiago de Compostela, or in house at interested companies.

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