Our experience has allowed us to acquire a solid knowledge in risk assessment and resolution of incidents related to health, safety, quality and sustainability of consumer products.


We have the rigor of our team in evaluating regulatory compliance in more than 60 countries in order to help our clients optimize internal processes, guaranteeing the commercialization of products in accordance with regulations and reducing risk.


Our compliance services contribute to improving customer organization and internal control, increasing the reputation and value of companies, and reducing insurance costs.


  • Scientific-technical analysis of the final causes of nonconformities throughout the manufacturing process

  • Supervision and audits of analytical service providers that carry out compliance studies

  • Supplier technology audits

  • Product safety analysis prior to manufacturing or purchase

  • Scientific support for the interpretation of analytical results carried out on consumer products

  • Scientific advice focused on optimizing analysis protocols

  • Advice on REACH, CLP, POPs and BPR Regulations: online trade of substances and mixtures, notification and safe use of articles containing SVHCs, labeling of treated articles, SDSs, classification and labeling…