We provide high added value services to companies that produce and / or market consumer goods that want to start or strengthen their internationalization strategy.


We are a suitable ally for companies that carry out their activity in third countries, in sectors such as the textile and fashion industry, cosmetics or food contact materials.


We offer specialized advice on surveillance and compliance with international regulations in the field of product health and safety, through continuous monitoring of possible changes and their implications


  • Observatory of international norms and regulations, segmented by type of article and market, of more than 60 countries on the five continents. Possibility of quick alerts and real-time information of regulatory updates that affect your articles and target markets

  • Analysis of regulatory positioning by market, compiling and examining the applicable regulations depending on the type of article and target market. Including the operational issues of the export process (certifications, withdrawals …)

  • Preparation and updating of corporate standards of health and safety of consumer products

  • Preparation of lists of restricted substances (RSL)

  • Advice on the implementation and supervision of product health and safety standards

  • Advice and preparation of labeling manuals (composition, care, sizing …

  • Scientific-technological surveillance on aspects related to product health and safety (regulatory and with socioeconomic repercussions)