Manufacturing and benchmarking process Assessment of impacts on sustainability Incorporation of corporate philosophy into the program Custom approach

Manufacturing and benchmarking process

Proceso de manufactura y benchmarking
Manufacturing and benchmarking process
Revisamos la sostenibilidad de un artículo/material y su proceso de elaboración
We review the sustainability of an item / material and its manufacturing process

Assessment of impacts on sustainability

Evaluación de impactos en la sostenibilidad
Durante todo el ciclo de vida de los artículos y materiales

Assessment of impacts on sustainability
Throughout the life cycle of articles and materials

Incorporation of corporate philosophy into the program

Incorporación de la filosofía corporativa al programa
Y teniendo en cuenta el modelo de negocio, posicionamiento en el mercado, etc.

Incorporation of corporate philosophy into the program
And taking into account the business model, market positioning, etc.

Custom approach

Aproximación personalizada
Con el objetivo de conseguir programas de sostenibilidad adaptados a cada empresa

Custom approach
In order to achieve sustainability programs adapted to each company

The development of more sustainable products is presented as a necessity in the current context of the United Nations 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development.


At Sigillum Knowledge Solutions we also consider that differentiation is key to meet the challenges of the current market, including commitments to transparency and sustainability.


We have experience in developing sustainability assessment and improvement programs for products and / or manufacturing processes, as well as creating sustainability strategies adapted to the characteristics of different companies.


Our knowledge of the textile and fashion industry, cosmetics or materials in contact with food allows us to offer adequate solutions in the selection of more sustainable materials, improved sustainability of production processes and more sustainable design.


  • Advice on the design of personalized sustainability strategies

  • Development of programs for evaluating and improving the sustainability of articles, materials or processes, by selecting key impacts and developing specific indicators, both qualitative and quantitative

  • Advice on the establishment of control mechanisms and veracity of sustainability claims

  • Regulatory surveillance on aspects related to the sustainability of consumer products

  • Training: Impacts on the sustainability of consumer articles, materials or processes and approaches to their sustainability