Sigillum Knowledge Solutions collaborates with the children’s fashion company PAZ Rodríguez in its commitment to sustainability

The children’s fashion company PAZ Rodríguez designs and manufactures children’s fashion with its own, delicate and elegant style based on attention to detail and artisan experience since 1970. This Galician brand has become a prestigious international benchmark in child fashion, being faithful to its legacy of tradition and craft production.

PAZ Rodríguez’s commitment to sustainability implies obtaining ethical, safe and respectful products with the environment and with the society to which they are intended. Along these lines, a collaboration between PAZ Rodríguez and Sigillum Knowledge Solutions has recently been established. Within the framework of this collaboration, the Sigillum Knowledge Solutions Sustainability Area team has advised the company on the most outstanding impacts to consider in relation to sustainable fashion, including social impacts, impacts derived from the raw materials used and the manufacturing process, as well as related to the durability and recycling of textile products.

PAZ Rodríguez, whose collections are designed and manufactured in Spain, combining handmade processes with advanced technology and avant-garde infrastructures, stands out among other aspects for its performance related to sustainable design, packaging and a reasonable production model. At Sigillum Knowledge Solutions we accompany fashion companies in defining their sustainability strategy, based on our own diagnostic methodology based on more than 50 indicators that encompass key aspects of corporate and social sustainability as well as product sustainability, from design to end of life.

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