Sigillum Knowledge Solutions participates in technical committees for the standardization of the textile and furniture sectors

Standardization contributes to the different organizations, public and private, facing challenges such as export to new markets, innovation in products and processes, the increasing weight of the digital world, the necessary continuous training of professionals and even the development of the company’s social responsibility. Always with the ultimate goal of contributing to the social, economic and environmental advance of the whole society.

The standards are elaborated in Technical Standards Committees (CTN) that in Spain are managed by the UNE, the Spanish Association for Standardization. The CTNs have a secretariat that coordinates their activity, generally carried out by an association or business federation, and a series of members that constitute a balanced representation of the entire value chain of the standardized product or service.

Sigillum Knowledge Solutions, as a strategic partner of our clients, accompanying them in compliance, in a timely and costly-efficient manner, with international regulations, is a member of two committees related to the fashion sector: the CTN11 of “Furniture” and the Subcommittee on “Chemical testing of textile materials” (SC6) under the CTN40 “Textil Industries “. Participation in these bodies allows us to access a forum of information and influence, and a deep knowledge of the regulations generated and discussed in these Committees, which contributes to the quality of the advisory service we provide to our clients.


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