Sigillum Knowledge Solutions teaches a course on technological and regulatory developments in the textile sector

Last April the team from the Textile, Footwear and Accessories Area of ​​Sigillum Knowledge Solutions gave the course “Update in the textile sector: Textile technology applied to the practice and mandatory regulations”, in which the company AMSLab also participated.

The course, framed within the project Galitex, was given over eight sessions to students with different profiles within the sector, either working or wanting to work in the textile industry. Sigillum Knowledge Solutions addressed issues related to the regulatory framework for product health and safety in the fashion sector, such as the restrictions of chemical substances in textile articles and their consequent impact on manufacturing processes, as well as numerous practical cases of application of the international regulatory framework, covering the main markets. They also presented a sesión about textile labeling regulations including composition, care, sizing, eco-labeling… Finally, the Sigillum Knowledge Solutions team presented an update of the most common marketing claims in the sector and their legal implications.

Training activities as this one are one of the main lines we offer to our clients, always with a focus adapted to the needs of the different agents of the consumer goods sector, from large retailers to suppliers.