Sustainability and value in the fashion sector,

how does the choice of raw materials influence?

Taking into account the importance of sustainability in the current fashion industry and the considerable impacts associated with the materials used in manufacturing, the selection of more sustainable materials will be one of the key points to improve the sustainability of the articles marketed and consequently to design corporate strategies in the field of sustainability.

  • Professionals from different departments of the fashion industry: sustainability, corporate social responsibility, quality, health and safety, sourcing, design, etc.
  • Retail companies or suppliers in the fashion sector interested in learning about the impact of the materials used and the approaches to more sustainable materials
  1. Introduction to textile sustainability and impacts related to the materials used
  2. Approaches to more sustainable materials
    • Recycled fibers and introduction to recycling of polymeric materials
    • Cotton
    • Other natural cellulosic fibers
    • Regenerated cellulosic fibers
    • Biobased synthetic fibers
  3. Certification of organic fibers: Analysis of the different options for certification of existing organic fibers
  4. Certification of recycled fibers: Certification alternatives for recycled fibers
  5.  Benchmarking: more sustainable fibers


Duration: 3 hours

Place: the course can be held at our facilities in Santiago de Compostela, or in house at interested companies.

More information: For any questions, contact