Textile, footwear and accessories

Safe and responsible products

We help the fashion industry face current challenges of regulation, sustainability, and transparency.


We offer personalized services to our clients to meet their specific needs in terms of products health and safety , labelling and regulatory compliance.
Our team has extensive experience in advising companies in the textile and fashion industry.

International product safety and health regulation consultancy

We ensure compliance in the international market

Product Health and Safety Technical advice

We verify that raw materials are safe for consumers

Testing control advising

Design of health and safety control strategies

Corporate Standards definition

Definition of corporate strategy, aligned with legislation and market demands


Sustainability strategies to ensure the production of more sustainable products


Specialized training on topics related to product safety, health and sustainability

International product health and safety regulation advisory

Opening new international markets involves the need to understand the legal requirements that textile products must meet in target countries.
Our Regulatory Watch Observatory allows us to monitor legislation in more than 60 countries on five continents and keep up-to-date on changes in regulations.

We can provide advice on the necessary requirements to successfully market textile products in markets such as Europe, USA, Canada, Mercosur, ASEAN, Australia, China, Middle East, GCC, Japan, etc.


Product Health and Safety Technical advice

Our knowledge of production processes allows us to offer comprehensive technical advice to prevent non-compliances due to the presence of restricted chemicals in the final garments.

We design compliance control strategies that meet regulations and sustainability, ensuring customer satisfaction and brand protection.

Testing control advice

Perform chemical test on textile garments allows detecting regulated or prohibited chemicals from manufacturing processes, especially from dyeing and finishing.

The detection of these substances is essential to ensure the safety of the articles, as well as to comply with legal requirements and even consumer expectations.

We ensure product compliance with all legal requirements through the following steps:

  • Advising on the selection and control of testing providers.
  • Optimizing the budget allocated to laboratory tests.
  • Acting as an external Health and Safety department.

Corporate Standards Definition

Our knowledge of international legislation and the value chain, allows us to create corporate standards that establish the requirements that production and the entire supply chain must comply with.

With our service, we ensure that products comply with all legal requirements through the following steps:

  • Development and implementation of Restricted Substances Lists (RSL)
  • Development and implementation of Manufacturing Restricted Substances Lists (MRSL)
cadena valor industria
cadena valor industria


The fashion industry faces great challenges due to its high environmental and social impact. It is important to address issues such as the use of sustainable materials, the optimization of natural resources such as water and energy, a proper waste management and compliance with regulations.

Our methodology for creating a sustainability strategy is based on conducting a situational diagnosis, from which we can:

  • Define the corporate sustainability strategy.
  • Evaluate and improve the sustainability of textile products and production processes.
  • Advise on sustainable design, including the selection of sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.
  • Define actions to extend the life and recyclability of articles.
We support you in all the steps


We evaluate:

  • Compliance with regulations
  • How to improve sustainability

We advise on more sustainable design: materials, product lifespan, and recyclability.



We advise on:

  • Ethical purchasing codes of conduct
  • Transparency in the supply chain


We advise on more sustainable and controlled production strategies:

  • Chemical product control
  • Evaluation of processes and facilities
  • Compliance control strategies


We study:

  • End-of-life options for items, and circularity options
  • Environmental impact of logistics Actions for more sustainable marketing
  • Options for more sustainable packaging


We provide specialized training in any of the aspects related to safety and health legislation for textile and footwear products:

  • Restricted substances, legislation and preventive actions
  • Health and safety in children's clothing
  • Management and interpretation of test results
  • Sustainability in the textile industry