The companies AMSlab and MestreLab, collaborators of Sigillum Knowledge Solutions, launch an innovative project in the field of textile sustainability


The fashion industry is aware of the great environmental impacts it generates and that is why, more and more, brands are looking for more sustainable manufacturing methods and materials. In this line of search for sustainability, it is also necessary to develop new technologies to control production processes and their environmental impact.

With this objective, the QC4SusTex project “Authentication and security of sustainable textiles and device development for effective environmental control in its manufacture” is proposed, led by the company AMSlab, specialized in chemical analysis, and in which also participates Mestrelab Research, expert in software development for research laboratories. The consortium is completed by three other Galician companies (2xmil soluciones, Organistry y Xenotechs) and has the collaboration of several USC research groups, such as the one headed by Dr. Javier Sardina, founder of Sigillum Knowledge Solutions.

In particular, the project will develop tools for the authentication in the laboratory of fibers and tissues adhering to declarations or certifications of sustainability in the textile and footwear sector, as well as an integral service that allows the control over the environmental impact in the waters of retailers’ suppliers of the textile sector, including devices for continuous monitoring, solutions for taking samples in situ during inspections and an application for the determination of chemical substances measurable by colorimetry.

The project, funded by the Axencia Galega de Innovación, , is aligned with the textile sector needs, one of the economic engines of Galicia, and a global reference in which is also focused Sigillum Knowledge Solutions, which offers personalized advice in the scope of the international regulatory product health and safety.

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