The European Commission is resuming the possible expansion of the number of allergenic substances that should appear on the labeling of cosmetic products

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The European Commission has just published an Initial Impact Assessment document regarding the possibility of increasing from 26 to 88 the number of allergenic substances (included in Annex III of Regulation CE 1223/2009) that should be labeled in cosmetic products if they are present above certain concentrations.

This is a matter for debate since 2012, when the SCCS issued an Opinion (SCCS / 1459/11) identifying 62 additional allergens to those already existing and considering that the user should also be informed of the presence of these additional allergens. In 2014, the Commission initiated a public consultation with an amendment proposal that included the modification of Annex III including labeling requirements for these 62 additional allergens.

With the comments received, a first evaluation of the impact of the approval of this amendment is now published. In the published document the possible actions to carry out the labeling of the new allergens are studied. Three options are considered: that the number of allergenic substances is not increased, that the labeling of the new allergens is done in accordance with the regulations in force, that is to say on the packaging of the product (according to Regulation CE 1223/2009), or that the labeling of the new allergens be done electronically. And, in addition, the impact of each of these options is analyzed from an economic, social, environmental and administrative perspective.

The main challenges identified are the difficulty of expanding labeling and the need to develop analytical methods for the detection and quantification of these 62 additional substances.

The European Commission manages a roadmap that contemplates publishing a proposal to amend the Regulation Ce 1223/2009 in May 2019, opening then the period of public consultations.

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