The importance of standards: the European standardization body CEN-CENELEC publishes an institutional declaration on the occasion of the European elections

The European bodies responsible for standardization, CEN – the European Standardization Committee – and CENELEC – the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization – have published a formal declaration on the occasion of the European elections. In it, they highlight the important role played by European standards to ensure that the European Union, the world’s largest economy, meets the technological and social challenges of today and tomorrow.

Through an inclusive and consensus-based system, the European Standardization System – with more than 24,000 standards – brings together the experience of companies, stakeholders, consumers, SMEs and policy makers in Europe to develop widely adopted up-to-date standards. Thus, an European standard is adopted identically in 34 countries, which simplifies access to the single market and reduces bureaucracy.

In Sigillum Knowledge Solutions, as experts in the international regulatory framework in sectors such as fashion, cosmetics or food contact materials, among others, we not only follow with interest the normative updates at a European level but we also participate actively through several National Standardization Technical Committees in the field of textiles, cosmetics and furniture. Always with the ultimate goal of offering the best advice to our customers in their effort to comply with international standards in product health and safety.


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